Tuesday, March 7, 2017

About Pushpadeep

Pushpadeep (Pushpanjali's Department of Extension Education Programmes) was established to supplement the teaching learning activities that are a part of the curricular transactions.

Department In Charge

Ms Angelina Nunes (2004 to 2011)

Dr Mabel Pimenta (2011-2014)

Dr Helen Jadhav (2014 -  2018)

Dr Agnes DCosta (2018-  )

Blog updates : Dr Agnes DCosta

Programmes organised by Pushpadeep

Certificate Course in Yoga (in collaboration with Shree Ambika Yogashram) 

Certificate Course in Physical Education (Sir Sunil Anuse, Physical Education Instructor) 

Certificate Course in Personality Development (conducted by Fr Dr Patrick DSouza, Counsellor and Former Vice Principal of St Gonsalo Garcia College of Arts and Commerce)

Certificate Course in Dance 

Certificate Course in Vocal Music (conducted by Shri Melwyn Dabre) 

Certificate Course in Use of Art in the Classroom Workshop on Street Play (conducted by Shri Juran Lopes and Shri Maxwell Rose)

Workshop on Drama in Pedagogy

Pushpadeep also organises various guest lectures and interaction with experts.

A special initiative by Pushpadeep is the organisation of programmes for enrichment of school teachers.